Personally coached online course

Online course. Lessons over internet

A good choice for Everybody: Learn with your personal coach

Song theme - rhythm - improvisation - theory - exercises

Learning by play along the music we learn how to play music. Each lesson comes with personal feedback, suggestion and tips. Get your free trial lesson

Individual school for improvised music

Modern interactive method

Play along is the best way to learn music
and improvisation. An experienced music teacher listen to you, gives feedback, audition music, looks for exercises, chooses the next step, the next song

4 lessons a month cost 65 Euro

Rhythm Training

Rhythm Training

An important part of the method is rhythm training.
We don't want to understand rhythm, we have simply got natural rhythm
Have a look to some exercises


Your personal improvisation coach

Jazz theory - no specter

Jazz theorie is an easy way to learn improvisation

There are very complicate and long winded
music theories.
And there are easy explanations for the same thing.
Jazz theory is easy and direct.
Each song shows us a little piece of the whole thing
Take a look. (English version is coming soon)

 Step by step - Hugisteps

step by step

Each song comes with ecercises and preparations.
Different easy versions of a song help to get you startet.
Start improvisation with a basic version of the song.

Take three Hugisteps to take a huge step

4 lessons a month cost 65 Euro



Method Modern method of learning music 


Song theme -
Rhythm -
Percussion Workshop Improvisation - Theory -
Step by step - Exercises
preparations to play a difficult song

Rhythm training

online music lessons.

We want natural rhythm

Take a  look to some exercises

Hand percussion is a perfect instrument for all musicians

So, percussion workshop is a part of our method