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Herbie Hancock u. a. Soul Standards
Groovy Jazz and Funk tunes
Pink Floyd Dark Side Of The Moon Key Training
all songs of the legendary LP
Practise with fun. Songs in all 12 keys
Bigband Jam Lyric Jazz
Hendrix, Led Zep, Deep Purple Jazzy christmas


Herbie Hancock, Chick Corea and forfathers

Grooooove Jazz


Choose your instrument
1. Mercy Mercy Mercy by Joe Zawinul
2. Cantaloupe Island  by H. Hancock
3. Palladium   by Joe Zawinul
4. Watermelone Man  by H. Hancock
5. Favela   by A. C. Jobim
6. Chameleon   by H. Hancock
7. Boogie Down  by Al Jarreau
8. Soul Chicken  by Jaco Pastorius  (Soul Blues. Tempo 102) 
9. Garden party by Mezzaforte. Happy Jazz Rock.
10. Catwalk by Chick Corea (Entspannter Jazz- Rock Groove.
11. Lightyear  by Chick Corea.
12. Watermelone Man (Latin version)

A lot of notations to download, also piano voicings, bass phrases aso.

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Soul Standards - best songs for instrumentalists

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1. Chain Of Fools  by Aretha Franklin
2. Natural Woman by Aretha Franklin
3. Signed Sealed Delivered by Stevie Wonder
4. I Heard It Through The Grapevine as played by Marvin Gaye
5. Son Of A Preacherman as played by Dusty Springfield
6. Think by Aretha Franklin
7. I Never Loved A Man The Way I Love You by Aretha Franklin
8. Superstition by Stevie Wonder
9. I Wish by Stevie Wonder
10. Me And Bobby McGee as played by Janis Joplin
11. All In Love Is Fair by Stevie Wonder
12. Respect as played by Aretha Franklin

Comes with exact notations of melody and all instruments
Melody optimized for instrumentalists



Hendrix, Santana & Co    

Power Rock Legends


Choose your instrument
1. All Along The Watchtower   (Hendrix)
2. Crosstown Traffic   (Hendrix)
3. Foxey Lady   (Hendrix)
4. Foxey Lady (ohne Gitarre)
5. Voodoo Chile   (Hendrix)
6. Good Times Bad Times   (Led Zep)
7. Dazed And Confused   (Led Zep)
8. Speed King   (Deep Purple)
9. Child In Time  (Deep Purple)
10. Black magic woman by Carlos Santana (Album "Abraxas")
11. Europa  Ballade by Carlos Santana
12. Jingo by Carlos Santana (toller Rhythmus. Album "Santana")
13. Samba Pa Ti by Carlos Santana (Album "Abraxas")

Guitar tabs and notations of guitar riffs and phrases and lyrics to download.

Pink Floyd Dark Side Of The Moon / Pink Floyd - Procol Harum: A brass approach


Unique: All songs of the legendary album as play along. Recorded with vintage instruments.

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1: Speak To Me / Breathe / On The Run
2. Time
3. The Great Gig In The Sky
4. Money
5. Us And Them
6. Any Colour You Like
7: Brain Damage / Eclipse

Easy to play along, but also a big fun for advanced musicians.
The timeless music is very inspiring and exercises the feeling for harmonies.
Notations for guitar and organ, saxophone, brass,solo transcriptions aso. to download


Atom Heart Mother (Part 1- 6. Pink Floyd 1970)
Hey You   (from The Wall)
Weisser als weiss  (Vintage Rock)
Grantchester Meadows (from Ummagumma 1969)
Lucifer Sam (Pink Floyd 1967)
Salzhund  (Vintage Rock)
Eroberer   (Vintage Rock)

Comes with exact notations of all instruments of the entire arrangement. Voices for Brass and Saxophone.
An approach to symphonic Rock. Recorded with vintage instruments.

The Hugibook: Lyric Jazz and latinized Jazz Rock  

originals by Stefan Hugi 

Choose your instrument
Salome (melodic Jazz - Rock)
Love East   (Jazz Reggae)
Suite Marrais (Latin- inspired suite in three parts)
Grey Monday (Funky Jazz Rock Suite)
Relationsip (Jazz Suite, from Orient to Occident)
Wind of Loss (6/8 Latin- Fusion- Groove)
Amazon   Modal groove, improvisation over long arrangement.
Dark Night by Stefan Hugi (romantic Ballade)
Before Dawn (6/8, Afro Cuban Jazz Rock)
Liliana (happy lovesong)
(A) Present (romantic Jazz Waltz)

Comes with The Hugibook, notations of all instruments of the entire arrangement

Hommage to Count Basie

Bigband Jam


A songs packed full of Bigband Arrangements, inspired by evergreens from the legendary duke.

With notations of the arrangement of each song (Either for saxophone or clarinet or trumpet or trombone. All notations can be downloaded)

Choose your instrument

On The Sunny Side Of The Street (Beautiful melody, Tempo 115)
Niceín Easy
(Tempo 136, easy arrangement)
April In Paris
(Tempo 127, Power Swing, Power- horns)
Soft As a Velvet
(dreamy ballade, easy arrangement)
Freckle Face
 (Tempo 120, beautiful, melodic arrangement)
In a Mellow Tone
  (Tempo 134. Simple melody, but demanding arrangement)
The Queen Bee
  (Tempo 120, quite demanding)
Told You So
(Tempo 116. Very melodic arrangement and a lot of space to improvise)
Corner Pocket
   (Tempo 132, play by ear)
Have A Nice Day
(Tempo 120, very nice song, you will face some difficulties.
Nobody Is Perfect
(Tempo 160, very interesting and challenging arrangement)
The Wind Machine
 (Tempo 254, up-tempo Power Swing)
Iím Beginning To See The Light
 (Tempo 132. Very varying and agile accompaniment)
Hay Burner
(Tempo 132, catchy tune, groovy Bigband.
The Heatís On
 (Tempo 245. Power swing, up-tempo but playable)
Whoís Sorry Now?
 (Tempo 143. Arrangement very melodic)

Key Training   

Rhythm changes in all keys. Major to minor in all keys.

Choose your instrument
I got Rhythm (Swing, Bb)
I got Rhythm  (Swing, A)
I got Rhythm (Guitar Jazz, F)
I got Rhythm  (Guitar Jazz E)
Oleo (Bebop, Bb)
Oleo (Power Jazz, Ab)
Good Bait (Swing, Bb)
Good Bait (Bebop Rollins Style, C#)
Good Bait (Bebop, C)
Good Bait (Modern Jazz, B)
Autumn Leaves (Classic Jazz Db / Bbm)
Autumn Leaves (Modern, Post Bob, Bb / Gm)
Autumn Leaves (Bebop, F / Dm)
Autumn Leaves (Old School, G / Em)
Autumn Leaves (Latin Jazz Ab / Fm)

A lot of notations and things to practice. Piano voicings in all keys. (Everybody has to know that). Solos in all keys, aso.


Jazzy christmas

Choose your instrument
1. Away In A Manger Christmas at Cantaloupe Island
2. Amazing Grace  Amazing!
3. Santa Claus Is Coming To Town   Soul Rock
4. Nobody Knows The Troubles I've Seen  Swing
5. Just A Closer Walk With Thee   Rhythm Blues
6. Have Yourself A Merry Christmas   6/8 Swing
7. Come All Ye Faithfull  Christian Jazz Rock
8. It Came Upon A Midnight Clear Midnight Swing
9. Jesus Is Alright With Me Gospel Rock
10. White Christmas   a must

A lot of notations to download, for all instruments


Notations that come with Songbooks

These notations are not copies from the realbook. Not at all. Nowhere else you can find something of the kind. Transcriptions, piano voicings, bass phrases aso.

Demo songs

You can listen to a short part of every song (mp3). On this demo there is the melody to hear. On the songs there is no melody (except for play alongs for drummers)