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You can download the songs. Schlagzeug, Drum, Conga, Djembe. afro- kubanische und Latin- GroovesAll files were produced using a professional Lame Encoder. (Mp3 stereo / 44.1 khz / 192 kbps)
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These packs with 9 to 15 songs cover a specific topic. Each song comes with extensive notations.


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There are 9 packs, each pack contains 14 songs with a thematic context. Single songs can not be ordered. The price is the same as for 10 individual songs.
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You get access to our sheet music databank with notations of over 1200 songs. It's the same style as the "real book" or "fake book"

Songbooks come with unique notations. These notations are not copies from the realbook. Not at all. Nowhere else you can find something of the kind. Transcriptions, piano voicings, bass phrases aso.

Transposed instruments like saxophone

How to transpose notations


There is not the original song on the play along songs. But chords and rhythm go well with the original song. There is no melody to hear on the play along songs, there is just an accompaniment that sounds similar to the original song.

You can use all songs for many purposes. But you are not allowed to copy and to sell the songss. They are copyright protected by SUISA