Until now 78 rhythm- exercises in all grades. Each exercise with an audio file to listen to.


Don't hurry, because there is nothing more important than a good rhythm feeling. Always clap your hands to the beat and speak the rhythm loudly. Listen to the real audio file over and over. Repeat the exercises until you feel real good.

Rhythm language

You need a musical language to speak the rhythms. This language is not so hard to learn, it only needs two syllables. You can work out your own singing, or you try to do it the same way as you hear it.
Click the notations to hear a mp3

Notes on the beat have to sound different than off beat notes. Try it out for a while

You all rhight?

Repeat basic rhythms, too

No major problems? Then choose a level, you think it's good for you. But remember: Basic rhythms has to become second nature to you. Best you start with level 2 or 3

Don't switch quickly to the next level. Skill comes with practise and repetition.

not just yet???

Wiederholen Sie immer wieder die Übungen von Level 1 und 2. Schon bald werden Sie Fortschritte machen

Already overwhelmed?  Then you go to level 1. For the first level, you only need one sound, because there are only crotchets. That means, that every note is on the beat.

Don't be too shy to sing!

keep on practising

Nutzen Sie jede Gelegenheit um Ihre Rhythmus Sprache zu üben. Improvisieren Sie wild drauf los

There are 8 levels rhythm and 4 levels drum machine. Feel the rhythm like a drummer

Look for further ways to train your rhythm feeling

Never believe, that your sense of rhythm is good enough now.